A New Website for Our Church

When our church decided to join the modern age of technology, we knew that we were going to need some help. Most of us had been online for years, but that didn’t mean we knew how to create a website for the church. With how busy people are nowadays, it just isn’t possible for everyone to make it to church every single week, which is why we wanted to find a company that does web design in thailand. We wanted to have a website where people could go to listen to missed sermons, but to also do so much more than that too.

We depend on the charity in people’s hearts to keep our church going, so we also wanted to have a place on the website where people could tithe or give a love offering. As we continued to think of things that we wanted to put on the site, we knew that we were going to need a professional company to put everything together for us. I love to go online and just snoop around, so I volunteered to research the different website creation companies and find the best one for our needs. Continue reading →

A Higher Quality of Workmanship

Lately I’ve been working as a app developer in Singapore. I felt that I needed the experience outside the United States due to beginning to feel like I was working in something like a social ‘boys’ club. In computer science, and even on the basic tech support level, there are fewer women working with men. Those few who do work with men are often treated poorly. They’re not given the credit that they deserve for the work that they do; I’ve yet to meet a single female employee in the States who is incapable of doing the job as well, if not better, than most men.

Here in Singapore it’s both similar and different. The entire work force in Singapore is of a higher quality than what you’ll find in the United States. Continue reading →

Information Technology Companies – Do not Miss If You Work There

Information Technology companies have helped in bringing all cultures and countries under one umbrella. A recent study shows that employees working in Information Technology Organizations are facing several health related issues including Heart disease. This article briefs few important tips which can help us to stay away from Heart disease.

Information Technology (IT) companies play a major role in the world. E-commerce and various advances in IT have made these companies’ contribution to the world with a high extent. They brought all cultures and countries under one umbrella. Hence you should be proud of yourself if you work for an IT company. However studies have shown that employees working in IT organizations are facing several health related issues including heart problems. One should realize that health is our greatest asset. A recent research says heart disease is the leading cause of death in both developed and developing countries now. In order to help its employees, a well known IT company in India has arranged a Q&A session with Dr.Devi Shetty, one of the best heart specialists in India. The transcript of the chat is given below:

Question: What are the thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart?

1. Diet – Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil
2. Exercise – Half an hour’s walks at least five days a week; avoid lifts and avoid sitting for a longtime
3. Quit smoking
4. Control weight
5. Control blood pressure and sugar

Question: Is eating non-veg food (fish) good for the heart?

Answer: No

Question: It’s still a grave shock to hear that some apparently healthy person
gets a cardiac arrest. How do we understand it in perspective?

Answer: This is called silent attack; that is why we recommend everyone past the age of 30 to undergo routine health checkups.

Question: Are heart diseases hereditary?

Answer: Yes

Question: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress?

Answer: Change your attitude towards life. Do not look for perfection in everything in life.

Question: Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required to keep a healthy heart?

Answer: Walking is better than jogging since jogging leads to early fatigue and injury to joints

Question: You have done so much for the poor and needy. What has inspired you to do so?

Answer: Mother Theresa, who was my patient

Question: Can people with low blood pressure suffer heart diseases?

Answer: Extremely rare

Question: Does cholesterol accumulates right from an early age
(I’m currently only 22) or do you have to worry about it only after you are above 30 years of age?

Answer: Cholesterol accumulates from childhood.

Question: How do irregular eating habits affect the heart?

Answer: You tend to eat junk food when the habits are irregular and your body’s enzyme release for digestion gets confused.

Question: How can I control cholesterol content without using medicines?

Answer: Control diet, walk and eat walnut.

Question: Can yoga prevent heart ailments?

Answer: Yoga helps.

Question: Which is the best and worst food for the heart?

Answer: Fruits and vegetables are the best and the worst is oil.

Question: Which oil is better – groundnut, sunflower, olive?

Answer: All oils are bad.

Question: What is the routine checkup one should go through? Is there any specific test?

Answer: Routine blood test to ensure sugar, cholesterol is ok. Check BP, Treadmill test after an echo.

Question: What are the first aid steps to be taken on a heart attack?

Answer: Help the person into a sleeping position, place an aspirin tablet under the tongue with a sorbitrate tablet if available, and rush him to a coronary care unit since the maximum casualty takes place within the first hour.

Question: How do you differentiate between pain caused by a heart attack and that caused due to gastric trouble?

Answer: Extremely difficult without ECG.

Question: What is the main cause of a steep increase in heart problems amongst youngsters? I see people of about 30-40 yrs of age having heart attacks and serious heart problems.

Answer: Increased awareness has increased incidents. Also, Sedentary lifestyle, smoking, junk food, lack of exercise in a country where people are genetically three times more vulnerable for heart attacks than Europeans and Americans..

Question: Is it possible for a person to have BP outside the normal range of 120/80 and yet be perfectly healthy?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Marriages within close relatives can lead to heart problems for the child. Is it true?

Answer: Yes, co-sanguinity leads to congenital abnormalities and you may not have a software engineer as a child

Question: Many of us have an irregular daily routine and many a times we have to stay late nights in office. Does this affect our heart? What precautions would you recommend?

Answer: When you are young, nature protects you against all these irregularities. However, as you grow older, respect the biological clock.

Question: Will taking anti-hypertensive drugs cause some other complications (short / long term)?

Answer: Yes, most drugs have some side effects. However, modern anti-hypertensive drugs are extremely safe.

Question: Will consuming more coffee/tea lead to heart attacks?

Answer: No.

Question: Are asthma patients more prone to heart disease?

Answer: No.

Question: How would you define junk food?

Answer: Fried food like Kentucky, McDonalds, samosas, and even masala dosas.

Question: You mentioned that Indians are three times more vulnerable. What is the reason for this, as Europeans and Americans also eat a lot of junk food?

Answer: Every race is vulnerable to some disease and unfortunately, Indians are vulnerable for the most expensive disease.

Question: Does consuming bananas help reduce hypertension?

Answer: No.

Question: Can a person help himself during a heart attack (Because we see a lot of forwarded emails on this)?

Question: Yes. Lie down comfortably and put an aspirin tablet of any description under the tongue and ask someone to take you to the nearest coronary care unit without any delay and do not wait for the ambulance since most of the time, the ambulance does not turn up.

Question: Do, in any way, low white blood cells and low hemoglobin count lead to heart problems?

Answer: No. But it is ideal to have normal hemoglobin level to increase your exercise capacity.

Question: Sometimes, due to the hectic schedule we are not able to exercise. So, does walking while doing daily chores at home or climbing the stairs in the house, work as a substitute for exercise?

Answer: Certainly. Avoid sitting continuously for more than half an hour and even the act of getting out of the chair and going to another chair and sitting helps a lot.

Question: Is there a relation between heart problems and blood sugar?

Answer: Yes. A strong relationship since diabetics is more vulnerable to heart attacks than non-diabetics.

Question: What are the things one needs to take care of after a heart operation?

Answer: Diet, exercise, drugs on time, Control cholesterol, BP, weight.

Question: Are people working on night shifts more vulnerable to heart disease when compared to day shift workers?

Answer: No.

Question: What are the modern anti-hypertensive drugs?

Answer: There are hundreds of drugs and your doctor will chose the right combination for your problem, but my suggestion is to avoid the drugs and go for natural ways of controlling blood pressure by walk, diet to
reduce weight and changing attitudes towards lifestyles.

Question: Does dispirin or similar headache pills increase the risk of heart attacks?

Answer: No.

Question: Why is the rate of heart attacks more in men than in women?

Answer: Nature protects women till the age of 45. (Present Global census show that the Percentage of heart disease in women has increased than in men)
Question: How can one keep the heart in a good condition?

Answer : Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk food and non-veg, exercise every day, do not smoke and, go for health checkup s if you are past the age of 30 ( once in six months recommended) ….

We hear and read a lot about healthy life styleFree Reprint Articles, and the importance of maintaining good health. I’m sure these tips would help us to stay away from heart related problems. Not only employees work for IT companies but also it helps everyone. I would encourage you to forward this article to all your friends’ colleagues. They might be benefited.

Is an Online Degree in Information Technology Right for Me?

In our modern world of rapidly developing technology, an online degree in information technology provides qualifications to pursue a lucrative career in an industry with a strong future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projections, there will be over two million new jobs in information services between now and 2018–with an average annual salary of over $80,000.

A degree in information technology can be obtained online for any level, from a certification to a Master’s Degree. Consequently, online degree programs not only allow high school graduates to begin a career, but also create an opportunity for experienced professionals to update their credentials. The convenience of distance learning, given that it allows you to work and study simultaneously, also provides a chance for professionals in other fields to change careers entirely.

An online degree program makes even greater use of many relevant applications than traditional colleges or universities, by nature of the fact that it is almost entirely computer-based. And, when considering this computer- and internet-intensive career path for which information technology degrees prepare, extra familiarity provides a competitive edge.

However, there are many details you must take into consideration when choosing a specific degree program. Here are some tips:

Make sure the school is an accredited institution. Only schools accredited by certain regional or national accreditation agencies are valid.
Be wary of degree programs which seem “too good to be true”. Schools that offer degrees which can be completed abnormally quickly, require little or no effort, or are priced by degree (instead of credit-hours) may be diploma mills rather than providers of a good online education.
Research the faculty. Find out how much experience and what education the instructors for the program have had. Make sure they are up to date with the online technology–a good place to check this is in the curriculum. Courses which use more interactive web applications tend to teach you more.
Think about time constraints. Does the program allow you to take courses part time? Is there a limit to how long it can take you to complete the degree?
Check if courses are fully online. Some schools offer “blended” programs which require some time to be spent on a campus, while others offer a purely online education.
Do they offer the specific degree for which you are searching?
How much does tuition cost? Will you need to get financial aid? If so, there are resources to help. Consider applying for scholarships, grantsPsychology Articles, and student loans.

Are you really applying information technology ‘ON’ your business?

Everyone uses information technology in some way or another. If at the least you are using Emails over postal communication, you are also an IT user. Like how Finance and Concierge are integral part of an organization, Information Technology when implemented apt to your business needs; would consummate your business.

Information technology refers to the use of computers and computer networks to store, fetch, administer, and communicate data and information digitally. Information technology is a state-of-the-art feature that has productively altered our existence as an individual and\or as a business. Most people I come across; already use Information Technology in some way, to name some very generic IT aspects are Computer (replacing paper), Email for communication (replacing postal communication)and Website instead of banners or advertisements.
Of course, if you had a preference for utilizing information technology for the prosperity of your business, and you did, and then it paid off well, much more than anticipated. The question that arises is ‘Are you really progressing with the pace of exponentially emerging Information Technology?’ Yes, with the fast growing rate of technology, whatever is in vogue today is outmoded tomorrow. Now you wonder, what should be the best IT approach for your organization, how to cope with endlessly advancing technology? Well, this should be dealt with, at the commencement of any information technology project. Your business needs an IT solution that is tailored to specially meet the requirements of your business, a custom solution designed and developed in a way that any information technology advancements can be updated\incorporated within your IT management system.
Next, if you are uncertain about how much technology your business can absorb, the best bet would be to enlist a resourceful IT solutions provider, who would not only advice on how much IT your business needs, but also would help economize the project overall. Apart from the monetary investment an IT solution would call for time and effort to master. An adept IT system is straightforward to learn. Experienced IT solutions provider would devise an IT system that can be easily habituated.
Employing Information Technology for facilitating business is elemental for permanence in the present-day market-place. An organization with a blend of ingenious management and inventive technology would thrive and flourish in the market. With the lack of information technology, not only an organization would be behindhand in the stiff competition, but also would miss the alleviation that IT has got to offer. In order to understand your position on applying the Information TechnologyScience Articles, it is advised to contact IT consulting companies and discuss with them on your business process. A little investment would definitely help your business garner substantial profits

Online MBA To Make The Information in the Education System today

Information Technology Online Learning Program back of computer technology has evolved to the point that almost every business and organization are using it. Students have full information technology training capacity in various stages of work.

Education offered at every level including the option to complete the certificate program. Students are taught to work and place of business of technology to ensure availability and security. With a high level of information stored in the computer business is professional system used to manage the entire network on different levels. Online education provides students with a variety of opportunities to enter the field of information technology. Scattered areas of research include:

These learning opportunities to teach students to research the field of information technology. Programs are typically concentrated at the level of undergraduate degree. Having many students seeking graduate training in the full information technology degree programs. Exploring the field will give students an idea of what’s inside of professionals working range. Certificate and associate degree programs in information technology to give students basic skills to work as a professional technician. Broad understanding is to get into the certificate programs. Computer work, programming, and system manipulation is some research areas that could be included in the plan. Some students of colleges offer the opportunity to use a certificate and associates degree programs to a variety of basic knowledge that can be used inside of expertise. Online education website design, technical writing, and information architecture are some places available for students.

Ability of computer users to help solve problems and investigate the needs of technology could be in getting a bachelor’s degree program. Availability and security of data within a framework of International Executive MBA IT services is aimed at understanding the various components that make up the industry. Networks, application development, and digital media publishing is some degree of incorporation studies in a four year bachelor program. Students should be ready to complete nearly 130 credit hours which include general business, English and math courses. Specific topics to prepare students to work as analysts devices, programmers, database managers, and more. Students learn how to format the data is created and how to effectively manage the entire information system.

Pursuing education level has a master’s degree students to read parts of the technology and allows them to work as managers. MBA in IT degree programs and develop projects in which students learn how to create online networks that are usable and controlled. Systems development, risk assessment, management of technology, and multimedia configuration plan some topics that help students transition into work. Knowledge of scientific research and leadership are highly stressed in the online PhD program. Complex technological systems are studied as well as supply chains, systems of information processingScience Articles, and manufacturing systems. Students investigate the relationship between technology and business has economic endurance. Higher-level positions exist for students to be full of graduate training

Learn to Invest Money: Why Information Technology has Revolutionized the Best Investment Strategies

Do you want to know how to consistently earn double digit and triple digit returns from stocks? The secret lies in information technology. Yes. Information technology. And I’ll tell you how.

Most of the stocks I’ve owned that have earned more than 50% returns in less than a year are not even on the radar screens of the analysts of major investment firms. How do I know? Because I’ve worked at two Fortune 500 financial services firms as a Private Banker and Private Wealth Manager and never was able to find any research at these firms on the stocks that interested me the most. Why?Because the way to make money in investing has changed dramatically and the big investment firms have not kept up. One of the reasons big investment firms have not kept up is because most have ulterior motives as pure marketing machines. Almost every manager at every large investment firm is compensated on how much fee income and profit their office makes for the firm, not how well their financial consultants have performed for their clients. There is a huge difference between these two goals. It’s the reason why former Merrill Lynch star internet analyst Henry Blodgett once stated in a comment that he never believed would be made public, that the stocks other Merrill analysts were praising on TV as top picks were “crap” and “junk” (Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram, May 26, 2002). Even honest financial consultants at big investment firms find it difficult to find you great opportunities among the pool of stocks that their firm tracks. Why? Because many firms mandate older age and lots of experience as prerequisites for their star analysts. They believe that a head industry analyst with a couple of grey hairs is far more credible when appearing in front of their top clients and in front of the American public on television. Personally, if I ran an investment firm, every one of my analysts would probably be under 30 years of age. Why?Well, information technology has revolutionized the ability of analysts to find stocks with spectacular growth prospects before the general public becomes aware of these stocks. Leads can be found through internet search engines by searching the right keywords, and also through other creative methods, including the utilization of blogs. Many times, the best stock opportunities can be uncovered through non-traditional sources of information, meaning NOT Reuters, NOT Bloomberg, and NOT any of the other financial information clearinghouses that big wall street firms pay thousands of dollars for every month. Many times, the best information is free and online, but the key is knowing how to uncover it.

Typically, when you have a problem you wish to solve related to the internet, whether it is a web design problem, a problem with obtaining better search engine rankings for your website, setting up a blog, being able to understand how to search online databases, and so on, would you turn to a fresh faced kid or someone with grey hair for help? A fresh faced kid, right? Because typically the younger generation is much more up-to-date on newer technology, including knowing how to manipulate and find data. See where I’m going with all this now?The reason you’ll never hear about the companies that in five years will be the new Microsofts and the new Dells from the portfolio managers and financial consultants at large financial services firms is because huge financial institutions have yet to realize that understanding how to source information utilizing information technology is what has enabled the best stock pickers to be right so many times about stocks nobody else has ever heard of. And don’t be impressed if your financial consultant recommended IPO plays like Google that skyrocketed because the whole world knew about Google. Your financial consultant should be uncovering the tens and tens of other Googles out there that nobody else has ever heard of.

Frankly, I could care less about how many times the top portfolio managers of big investment houses visit the companies of stocks they recommend. I could care less if these top portfolio managers have “access” to the CEOs and CFOs of these companies because of their “reputation”. I could care less about the “global reach” of these investment firms that enables them to research overseas companies. None of this impresses me as a client. I could care less because the majority of time, the big financial services firms are not researching the right companies. By this, I mean the small and micro cap stocks that nobody has ever heard of. The big firms will spend tens of thousands of dollars to set up these conferences at fancy hotels for their biggest clients and parade their impressive access to big time company CEOs, but still, I’d rather spend almost nothing continuing to discover stocks that will give me 50% returns in less than a year versus wasting my time listening to excessive information about a huge company that will never grow more than 8% a year. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

Warning – Remove the Blindfold Before Starting an Information Technology Career

It might surprise you to learn that Information Technology does not describe any particular technology field. It is a broad description that encompasses hundreds of different fields dealing with the digital storage, communication and processing of information.

Although these fields fall under the same banner of ‘Information Technology’ they do not necessarily have transferable skill sets. And this observation becomes significant when deciding on an Information Technology career path. Whilst entry level careers branch out into dozens of alternate paths, vertical movement between certain paths is unlikely without starting again.

Take the fields of Web Developer and Telecommunications specialist as an example. One field fall within the ‘software developer’ category and the other falls within the ‘network’ category but both fields fall comfortably within the all encompassing Information Technology career banner. Even the most experienced Web Developer would struggle to transition into a Telecommunication Specialist role because the knowledge and skills held by a Web Developer are, for the most part, not applicable to Telecommunications.

This is why entry level Information Technology career choices can be so important. Career options branch into many different directions as experience levels increase, but they are always limited by the scope of knowledge within each field. This means that if an IT student or IT graduate has a career goal in mind they should be mindful of the different paths that may lead to the objective.

Although the Information Technology industry as a whole has a prosperous future, IT students or IT graduates who wish to take advantage of emerging technologies should position their careers appropriately. Emerging technologies are a great way to fast forward a developing career because any skills shortages means less experienced candidates are given opportunities that they may have not otherwise received.

The IT industry is rife with examples of emerging technologies and skills shortages. For the record, we feel that IPV6, Unix (due to the Unix millennium bug in 2038), HTML5 and Security are emerging fields (or fields with significant potential for growth in the case of Unix and Security) to watch for in the medium to long-term future.

Small Business Owners Need Not Be Scared of Information Technology

This year Ford introduces inflatable seat belts for the rear seat occupants, Toyota Prius will sport the solar powered ventilation system, Chrysler will launch the adjustable air suspension and Mercedes-Benz will unveil its hybrid. You are not intimidated by all this high technology, are you? You say, “Bring it on. I love the technology for the safety, fuel economy and convenience that it brings.”

Do You Find IT Intimidating Technology?

Then why is it that many small businesses are scared of information technology. No, I don’t have survey results to support that. But there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest this is the case. In fact, it is so bad, IT seems to stand for Intimidating Technology for some of you. Yes, I agree that some of the IT technical jargon can be intimidating. But so will the automotive jargon. Sometimes the pace of change in IT itself can add to the intimidation factor. But then the pace of change in automotive markets is no less either.

Let us take the example of building your company web site. Some of you may be technically savvy and handle the whole thing soup-to-nuts. This is understandable – so do car enthusiasts. This is a very small percentage of the people who are either IT business owners or happen to be technically savvy.

But for the vast majority of you, when you buy a car, you intend to drive it. You focus on its features and the accessories you need and you are prepared for an occasional tire change or engine oil top-up. You don’t worry about how to fix the transmission or swap the engine. This is a healthy attitude to technology, any technology.

I find that some small business owners are so scared of technology that they either don’t have a web site at all or entrust the entire thing to the techies. You are the person most familiar with your business. You know the nuances of your market and the right ways to communicate with your clients and prospects. You need to be familiar with the different tools available and their pros and cons and you need do the evaluation, just like you will test drive the car you intend to buy. Let the techie install, configure and secure the web site for you. Then you step in and create the content. Modern tools allow any non-technical person to create content and publish it to the web site. Let the techie then help with maintenance, support and upgrade.

Convert It To Indispensable Technology!

When hybrid technology made its appearance in cars a few years ago, it gave a big boost to fuel efficiency. In a similar manner, information technology is enabling you to reach markets inaccessible earlier, make you as effective on the road as you are in the office and automate your operations seamlessly from end-to-end. Approach IT just like buying a car. Instead of Intimidating Technology, it will become Indispensable Technology.

Information Technology Within the World Wide Web

Information technology has always been here, assisting mankind in some way or the other. It is only with the development of technologies that this has been able to change form and shape, along with methods of delivery. The basic idea remains the same – be able to share and reap benefits from the knowledge acquired.

The seers have done this in the past, then came, the tablets and later the books revolutionized the scenario. With advent of ink and paper, minds and creativity achieved new and unclaimed heights. Artists, writers and host of other professionals monopolized on literature, which only belonged to the elite at one time.

Societies around the world have grown, at different paces, but almost in the same fashion and direction throughout the globe. In the beginnings knowledge was only the property of the selected few, and never commonly shared as we do now. Science has been a great promoter of equality, throughout time, and effectively serving us without any bias.

Printing Technology – the First Revolution

Knowledge and literature were hereby commonly made available for the common man, at a chosen price. Printing technology simplified technology for mass circulations and distribution was made manageable albeit a slow pace. Man was thrilled to find his ideas and thoughts in print and benefiting scores of people who could read and write.

Ideas and thoughts were now gaining solid ground, and this prompted the human minds to open up, and to go on, and on. Man has grown bolder and clearer by the day, and almost stands at the pinnacle from where he is most effectively able to share and communicate whatever he has got. With help from the existing and developing technologies, he is able to clearly express himself, as best as his idea or thought.

Media and Communications

We only got better as we grew. Mass media and telecommunications have only enhanced our capacities for mass distribution methods. From the concepts of the electrical world, we outgrew into the electronic environment. Electronics not only enhanced our capacities for distribution, but have also immensely helped us give clearer pictures to our ideas and improved paths.

Communications during the fag end of the last century specialized and perfected the art, effectively delivering content to the remotest corner of this earth. All barriers and challenges were overcome by the enthusiasm generated by the electronic media and industry as such. Communications peaked during this period into a mature and user friendly environment.

The Magic of the World Wide Web

This magic has been able to weave the web, correlating it with the information technology, so effectively that putting it on the internet is like speaking to the entire world. You never can know and realize how far and how soon you are able to get heard by the people who are using the internet.

Information technology has been able to effectively create a concrete platform in the shape of the World Wide Web, and which is proving to become the biggest database ever known to man. It is like a huge human mind acquiring potency, and being able to relate to the entire mankind.

We can come useful here as a human, and put in our bit so as to fulfill, and try to repay this world, for all that this world has been able to give us. Thank God for giving us a chance.

Breaking Into the Information Technology With A Bachelor Of Science Degree

Breaking into the Information Technology field can be overwhelming and disconcerting. These days everybody knows something about computers, so get ahead of the competition. Make sure you have the knowledge in hand to get where you want to go by pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Kaplan University.

This program will teach you the critical thinking, analytical mindedness, creativity and communication skills that you need to succeed in Information Technology. Begin or further your career in Information Technology by learning how to design e-business products, or solve problems with hardware and software. Focus your degree further by putting an emphasis on Databases, Network Administration, Programming, Web Development, or Multimedia and Animation and see how far you can go in the IT world.

In the Database emphasis, you will learn how to design databases that will fit each individual customer’s need, including backup and recovery. In the Network Administration emphasis, you will learn how to configure and install network applications. The Programming emphasis will teach you how to create application solutions to fit business needs. In the Web Development emphasis you will learn to create websites, and how to use graphics, text, images and imagination to achieve the goal of the project. The Multimedia and Animation emphasis will teach you how to use cutting-edge technology to create impressive websites that use interactive media to target specific audiences.

Time is always a luxury. Use it to your advantage and earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from Kaplan online, without quitting your day job! Kaplan takes into account your previous college credits, work experience or military training. Using Kaplan’s Prior Learning Assessment Center, you can assemble a portfolio of your experience to have assessed. This portfolio will illustrate how your work and life experience or military training has met certain course requirements, and once assessed can count as credit towards your degree!

Online quizzes, discussion boards, web field trips and seminars are the tools used by students in this exciting degree program. Learning together, students form the classroom bond within the online world. Courses are taught by instructors with real-world experience, and once students complete their degree, career counseling is available. No student is in this alone! Find out more today, find out how far you can go with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology degree, from Kaplan University!